An Easy, Beginner’s Guide to Storing Private Toys

You must be vigilant about taking care of your private toy. Otherwise, it can damage your body and your partner. The relationship will suffer. Therefore, keep them organized and clean. Of course, you know the best way to keep them discreet.


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How to Store a Private Toy?


-Clean the adult toy regularly

If you wish to do the bare minimum for your private toy, then you must clean it after using it. Furthermore, you can avoid infections that are caused by the bacteria present in the bodily fluids. The adult toy maker advises the customers to leave the toy in the air after cleaning it.


-Study the texture of the private toy

If the private toy is porous or semi-porous, certain elements can get stuck inside it. Its composition may trap lube or exited fluids. Owning such a toy is a huge responsibility, Therefore, it is necessary to wash carefully to avoid residual bacteria from infecting the private parts.


-Choosing the right fabric

After you are done cleaning the private toy, you must think of the best way to store it. The adult toy maker wants you to pay close attention to the fabric you are storing the toy in. However, you must wrap the toy after it is dried completely. Remaining moisture is not good for your health or body. Unfortunately, left-in moisture results in mold development inside the toy.


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How to pick the right fabric for your favorite private toy?

  1. Leather needs room to breathe.
  2. The best option is a satin or silk bag.
  3. Do not use airtight containers.
  4. Plastic bags are never good.


Separate the toy according to the material

An adult toy maker knows never to store toys made from different materials in the same spot. If your private toy is made from silicone, store it separately. You must also have different spaces for toys made from jelly, plastic, glass, or metal. The strategy is helpful if you purchase a private toy kit.


Store in different drawers to avoid melting

If you are storing different material sex toys together, it can result in melting. As a result, their surfaces are damaged. You must sort out the toy according to the materials. The parameter will identify the cheapest toy in the collection. You can throw it away, keep it, or invest in a better option.


Remove batteries after use

An adult toy maker also wants you to remove batteries while storing toys. Many private toys are battery-operated. Some are remotely operated. It makes sense, you do not want to take out and put in the batteries after a few minutes. However, it is essential to remove the batteries to extend the toy’s use.


You can remove the batteries but keep them with the toy when storing. If they are left inside, the battery will consume the internal wiring and the storage. Unfortunately, the toy cannot give you a please when you most need it.


Store the private toys without the cables

The last tip is for organizing. It includes storing the cables and chargers with the toy. Otherwise, the toy will run out of service while you are using it. You are left annoyed and have to wait for the toy to charge. Sometimes, a lost charger leads to more frustration. Therefore, wrap the cable with the toy. Charge the private toy even if you are not using it.


Dibe Toys is a reliable adult toy maker!

Storing adult toys is essential for your hygiene and health. When cleaning the toys, ensure you pick the right material for wrapping. You can store them according to the material after removing the batteries. Store the cables separately to extend the lifetime of the toy. With these simple guidelines, you can enjoy its use while assuring good health. Contact Dibe today to browse the collection of adult toy products.

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