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What is Vibrating Dildos?

Vibrating Dildos are typically used for masturbation but can also be used as a sexual toy during intercourse. They are one of the main tools for sexual aid, with a relative or corresponding product being artificial vaginas.

Vibrating Dildos are primarily made of soft polymer rubber materials, mimicking the feel of human muscle tissue. Most of them are battery-powered. In terms of appearance, they are usually designed to resemble the male penis, with various skin tones or other colors available.

The Vibrating Dildos features expansion, contraction, rotation, and oscillation, and even the ability to extend a small tongue-like fork with oscillating effects, aiming to stimulate the vagina and clitoris simultaneously. The vibration can also be adjusted in intensity, speed, and pattern.


What kind of Pleasurable Experience do Vibrating Dildos Give Women?

The vibrating experience is irresistible, with its gentle yet powerful sensations feeling almost magical, instantly igniting your passion. Dildos offer a variety of functions to cater to different needs, from gentle massages to intense stimulation, providing endless enjoyment. Especially when used after a bath, the trembling sensation is simply intoxicating.

How to Use a Vibrating Dildo for Maximum Pleasure?

When using a vibrating dildo to reach climax, it’s best to choose a time when you’re feeling physically well. If your body is not in good condition, such as when you’re sick, staying updated, experiencing localized pain, feeling emotionally low, or having a cold, reaching climax may be more difficult. In these times, don’t force yourself and listen to your body’s sensations.

Foreplay is a crucial component of perfect lovemaking, rather than immediately inserting the dildo. Take some time to set the mood with romantic music, dim lighting, and sensual aromatherapy. Don’t forget to use the dildo to stimulate other sensitive areas as well.

Before using the dildo, you can apply lubricant to lubricate the device, avoiding any dryness during use, and allowing you to enjoy a smooth and satisfying experience, with climaxes one after another.

Insert the dildo into the vagina or anus to experience the powerful and fulfilling thrusts and sensations! Activate the switch for vibrating massages, rotations, thrusts, and expansions to reach climax. The frequency of vibrating massages can be adjusted smoothly, gradually leading you to climax! Letting you experience a surreal and lifelike intimacy.

Is it Safe to Use a Vibrating Dildo?

Normal use of a dildo should not pose any harm to the body. However, frequent use of low-quality dildos or neglecting to clean and maintain them properly after use can easily lead to vaginal or uterine infections, causing reproductive system diseases in women. Therefore, when choosing a dildo, be sure to select one from manufacturers that meet safety and hygiene standards.


How to Choose a Dildo?

Dildos come in different materials and functions. Choose the one that suits you based on the stimulation you want.


-The most common materials used in manufacturing dildos are silicone, PVC, metal and glass.

-Glass and metal dildos are both firm, allowing you to apply pressure to your G-spot, while silicone dildos offer more flexibility.

-Silicone dildos often have a soft, velvety feel, while metal and glass dildos offer an extra smooth and cool touch.


Nowadays, you can find a variety of features to satisfy your carnal desires. Insertable dildos and dildos with suction cup bases are ideal choices for those seeking a hands-free experience while vibrating dildos are an excellent option for anyone needing buzzing stimulation to reach climax. Of course, the best dildo depends on individual preferences due to differences in functionality and characteristics.


Different styles of dildos vary in thickness, length, and functionality, resulting in different levels of stimulation for users. Therefore, when choosing a dildo, it’s best to pay attention to size. Ideally, selecting one that is similar in size to or slightly larger than a male penis allows women to experience various clitoral stimulation sensations, which is crucial.


How do I Properly Clean my Vibrating Dildo?

Rinse thoroughly with warm water, rubbing and scrubbing with your fingers while rinsing. After rinsing, dry it with a dry cotton cloth or high-quality paper. Then, let it air dry in a well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight. Once the vibrating wand is completely air-dried, you can use a cleaning solution or a diluted 75% alcohol solution for disinfection.


Explore More Different Types of Dildos

Dibe offers a wide range of different types of dildos, including Anal Dildos, G-spot Dildos, Realistic Dildos, Silicone Dildos, Vibrating Dildos, Suction Cup Dildos and Strap-On Dildos.


Why Choose Dibe Dildos?

Dibe is a leading high-quality sex toy manufacturer in China with more than 12 years of experience in the research and development as well as manufacturing of dildos. Our products are made with medical-grade, non-toxic materials, conforming to international health standards. Our products meet ISO9001, CE, RoHS, and other standard requirements, and have obtained numerous patent certificates. Dibe provides premium OEM and ODM services worldwide.

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