Discover the secrets of Female Sucking Toys

Female sucking toys are designed to simulate sucking or tapping the female clitoris during oral sex, inducing the sensation of female orgasm. They are designed for women’s sexual pleasure in mind. According to scientific research, the female clitoris has as many as 8,000 or more nerve terminals and is the most sensitive part of the body. Sucking toys are used to precisely stimulate not just the external areas, but also the nerve terminal embedded inside the body through pulsing sound waves. According to statistical data, 70-80% of women can achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. This is a toy designed solely for women’s pleasure.

female sucking toys


How female-sucking toys work

The DIBE female sucking toys operate by regulating air pressure through an internal diaphragm. Each toy features a mouth, which typically contains a silicone membrane. An internal motor moves the silicone membrane in and out. When the mouth of the sucking toy is pressed against the body, the air is trapped inside, preventing it from escaping. The movement of the membrane uses the air to create varying high and low pressures, and these changes in pressure produce the suction sensation.

female sucking toys female sucking toys


Materials of female sucking toys


The materials of female sucking toy are typically ABS and silicone, usually with a built-in electric motor. If it comes into direct contact with the human body, you must consider whether it is safe. You must determine whether the material has a quality inspection certification and is qualified with international standards.


Recommendation rose sucking toys for women


Dibe Rose Sucking

It is named after that because of its shape, the rosette can be easily held from different positions whether you’re using it for yourself or a partner. It has 7 sucking and licking functions, allowing you to experience unprecedented pleasure.

Material: Silicone+ABS
Waterproof: Daily waterproof
Color: Purple/Pink/Red
Charging Time: Around 2.5 H
Run Time: In 50 mins
Sound Level: ≤55dB
Battery: Lithium battery

Dibe is a leading high-quality female sucking toys manufacturer in China, ensuring the highest standards of quality. We invite you to explore the boundaries of adult pleasure. Choose us as your supplier partner and let our exquisite adult female suction toys redefine moments of happiness for people worldwide while bringing you immense wealth. Welcome to join us.

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